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Beyond Arda

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Name:Beyond Arda RPG
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Beyond Arda


Well into the sixth Age of Man, Eru gave a decree.

Mandos was to be opened and Men and Elves seeking rebirth given the opportunity. Within Aulë's great halls, Dwarves were able to mine and forge. Vána and Oromë offered a great expanse of their realm to the Hobbits, recreating the Shire for them.

Not all souls returned from the Void, came back to light and life, but the choice was always present. Aman has become a realm much like Arda once was, various species living on its shores, but here the gods walk alongside them.

Though Men, Hobbits, and Dwarves again live, Aman does not give to them the immortality the Ainur and the Eldar possess. They are in Aman as they were in Arda: mortal. Lifespans play out as they would outside of the Undying Lands.

But the cities fill, the peace is maintained, and the cycle of life continues as it always has.

The map of Aman used for reference in creating this game.

Realms of the Valar
Ilmarin - Manwë and Varda's realm on Mount Taniquentil
Lórien - Irmo's realm
Isle of Estë - Estë's realm inside Lórien
Halls of Mandos - Námo's realm, where Vairë resides
Plains of Tulkas - between Tirion and the western mountains of Valinor, Tulkas and Ness reside
Aulë's Mansions - Aulë's realm
Pastures of Yavanna - Yavanna's realm near the Pelori
Oromë's Keep - located in Oromë's Wood
Vána's Gardens - great gardens outside of Oromë's Woods
Ulmo rarely comes onto land, choosing to remain in the waters surrounding Aman
Nienna's Halls are near Námo's

Realms of the Eldar
Alqualondë - realm of the Teleri
Avallónë - realm of the Elves of Tol Eressëa
Greenwood - realm of the Silvan Elves, ruled by Thranduil, located in the eastern portions of Oromë's wood
Ilmarin - realm of Manwë and Varda, where the Vanyar reside
Tirion - realm of the Noldor
Valmar - City of the Valar, capital of Valinor


The rules are very simple.

1. We do not allow godmodding. What is that? It's when you play someone else's character without their permission or write another person's character's reactions for them. You are only permitted to write your characters thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions.

2. Character twinking is not tolerated. This means that all characters are created within the boundaries of Tolkien's established rules. Elves do not contain god-like powers, and Men are not immortal, among other things.

3. Respect your fellow players. Be polite. Communicate. You should only ever need to come to the moderator in the most extreme circumstances.

4. Any posts with adult material, be that sex or violence, please be polite and place them behind a cut tag (if it's in the primary post) or place an OOC warning in the main post should the content be inside a thread. Also, we must discourage underage muns from threading graphic sexual scenes. This protects everyone.

5. All play is welcome here, even non-canon, cracky stuff. This also goes for relationships. We allow both het and slash here, so be tolerant.

6. We do allow the creation of OCs (original characters). If you apply for one of these, please keep the Mary Sue/Gary Stu-ishness to a minimum.

These rules are subject to revision at any time, but with a proper application of common sense, this should be all we need. It's about fun, let's try to keep it that way.


First, check the cast list to see if the character you wish to apply for is reserved or taken. If not, then the next step is creating a character journal for them.

All character journals must contain the following information on their profile pages:

Contact Information: either email or AIM/Yahoo required
Physical Description: brief description of the puppet's physical features
Disclaimer: [small]____ is from [i]Lord of the Rings/The Silmarillion[/i] and is the property of the Tolkien Estate. They are used for entertainment purposes within the rpg [lj comm=beyond_arda] and no profit is being made.[/small] (But replace the brackets with HTML tags.)

Once you have all that set up, you can send in your application. Email the following to peachesandjasmin @

Mun Name:
Mun Journal:
Mun Email:
Puppet Journal:
Puppet Name (and if they are a canonical character or an OC):
Explain who your character is in no less than 150 words (even if they are a popular, well-known character; it allows me to know how you see the character you're applying for):

If you are applying for one of the Ainur (be it a Vala or a Maia), also include a description of the magical abilities you see your character possessing.

Once you've been accepted into the community, join Beyond Arda OOC so you can be kept up to date with the out of character and modly stuff.

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